Even the Egyptians and Babylonians possessed extensive knowledge of chemistry

In June 1953, mr. Willy Kuhmichel founded the production company „Nordwest Chemie“, Celler Strasse (Hannover), which had the production of anti-corrosion coatings prescribed.

In the early sixties forced the massive drop in prices the company to enter new markets and it was decided to develop first coating systems for plastic. Quick the constructional features of the „Celler Strasse“ wasn´t big enough, and it was a new building in the industrial area „Alter Flughafen“ planned, which was completed in 1963.

After the death of the company founder in 1966, his son Klaus Kuhmichel took over the company and adjusted the product range entirely new. With the simultaneous establishment of a separate research and development department
the course for a forward-looking product policy were set.

Since 1968, only self-developed coating systems for the plastics processing industry were produced whose main customer was the german television and record industry.

In the mid-70s, the market was increasingly invaded by foreign providers. The defiance to Nordwest Chemie developed consistently and managed to establish itself today in the automotive industry. At this time, the cosmetics industry for Nordwest Chemie was gained as a customer.

With the exploding market for communications technology in the 90s, another important revenue segment was born. From the first mobilephone interchangeable shells to the very latest navigation device.

To guide environmental thinking further, the development of coatings has been increasingly promoted to Hydro basis since 1992. Through continuous optimization of the properties we now have a good alternative to the solvent systems.

Beginning of 2001, Nordwest Chemie produced mainly effect paints for the communications industry,  giving the company a large increase in sales. The establishment in 2006 was increased by the acquisition of the neighboring property, where today a modern hazardous goods storage and distribution was found.

In december 2008, Jörg Iwanetzki acquires the company Nordwest Chemie of the heirs of the deceased Klaus Kuhmichel.

He started in 2009 with modernization tasks, ranging from the facade, exhaust systems and photovoltaics up to the construction of a dilution hall meeting the current standards.

Currently, the Nordwest Chemie supervised active customers worldwide, primarily in the automotive, electronics and IT industry, developed for their specific applications, our R & D department made in custom systems and recipes.