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Our product range includes numerous system solutions for the finishing of plastic surfaces for indoor and outdoor use. We are happy to help you find appropriate systems and application ideas.

Ultramet, Titanium, Platinum 
High Brilliant silver coating, similar to galvanized or metallized surfaces. The products are available as singlecomponent coatings (1K) or two-component Systems (2K) available, as pure silver or tinted.

2-component system with a unique „soft“ effect and high mechanical and chemical resistance. For different plastics such as PA and PS is a special primer needed.

BiColor  / Multicolor paints
Draw attention with intense color change in up to four colors. Depending on the angle and light; maybe overpainted with Polysoft clearcoat?

Effect Coatings 
Special colors that are applied with standard paint lines. The effects are similar to the CubicPrinting“. Root wood, granite, marble and other effects are possible.

Suede paints 
2-component coatings that provide a suede-like surface feel; high chemical and mechanical stability; Salt and pepper“ appearance and metallic effects are possible.

Anti-slip coatings 
2-component clear coats with an anti-slip surface.

Laserengraved paint systems 
Special solvents and hydro-1-K and 2-systems in all colors; Base materials: for example, milky colored PC. Using a laser, symbols, letters or digits from the dried paint layer can be lasered such as automotive interior control knobs in the „Day and Night“ design.

Die-cast aluminum-silver
2-component paint silver with hoar effect formation

1-part water-based paints / 2 K water-based paints 
Decorative, laser, effect coatings for all common substrates

UV coatings 
Coatings that cure by UV radiation.

Sign Laser ®
Special finishes in 1 – and 2-component quality solvent and waterborne base.

For marking, labeling and decorating with a laser without the coating properties in these areas to destroy. The paint is only changed in color in the lasered areas. The marking, labeling or decorating is to destroy only by a complete removal of the paint.

Areas of application: sanitary, medical, automotive, cameras, mobile phones, home appliances, promotional items.